How to Whiten Teeth with BlackMagic Posted on 27 May 11:32

BlackMagic Activated Charcoal Toothpaste is the best and easiest way to safely whiten your teeth (see what our customers say).  But charcoal toothpaste is different in some ways from your regular, chemical-filled big brand toothpaste.

By using our non-toxic toothpaste you are taking a important step in taking control of your oral health.
Our special toothpaste is black, and when you first put it on your brush and your teeth, it will look really weird (our kids call it "Zombie Mouth")!  But, don't worry, it's gonna be ok!
black toothpaste
Because we only use natural ingredients, the toothpaste will not feel quite the same as the big brand stuff.  So, take a little time to get used to it.
Also, we don't use Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), so it won't foam up as much as Crest does.  This doesn't mean it's not working, because it is.
So, let me explain how to use BlackMagic charcoal toothpaste every day to get the most benefit and least mess!
How to use:
  1. Open carefully - if warm, the paste could be slightly runny
  2. Squeeze gently onto your brush (using more paste will make your teeth whiten faster)
  3. Brush slowly and gently in small circles from the gumline toward the tooth
  4. Brush for 60 seconds
  5. Run some water lightly in the sink
  6. CAREFULLY spit into the running water in the sink
  7. Brush again
  8. Rinse again and gently spit into sink
  9. Enjoy whiter teeth and a detoxed mouth!

BlackMagic is just as easy to use as regular toothpaste, and it just takes a minute to keep your sink as clean and white as your teeth!