Our Story

Our Story

After 15 years of eating a raw food or vegan diet, I changed dramatically in 2015 to a non-inflammatory one.  It requires DAILY coffee consumption.  Drinking all that coffee I started to notice a yellowing of my previously nice, white teeth.  It took a lot of searching and asking friends what they used, but too many had used chemicals and bleaches - yuk!

Once I learned about Activated Charcoal for removing toxins from my digestive system, I learned about all the OTHER AMAZING POWERS of this ancient remedy.  Things like poultices for stings and bites, blackhead removal from pores, and then TEETH WHITENING!

Since I already knew Activated Carbon was G.R.A.S. and used in emergency rooms nationwide for decades, I had to test it on myself.  And what a fantastic experience!

But AC powder is incredibly messy and unwieldy, I think it has a mind of it’s own… So using it on my toothbrush took careful agility and focus.  There had to be a product that was safe, non-toxic and effective to whiten my teeth - but no!  I could not find that product.

As a serial entrepreneur, I had to solve my own problem.  So I did.

I created my own non-toxic, safe and effective formula with the ingredients I already use in my home.  

If you’re like me and you don’t want to mess around with chemical cleaners, hydrophobic black powders and time-consuming toothbrushing sessions, then I think you’ll love our BlackMagic Activated Charcoal Toothpaste.

And now we’ve improved the formula so it’s even more user-friendly and tastes even better!

Get your first tube on Amazon.com now.  If you don’t absolutely love it I’ll refund your purchase.


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