Testimonials for BlackMagic Toothpaste


I bought Black Magic before but people here were concerned if it was safe. I took it to the Dentist and they said it is far safer than those gritty pellets! Charcoal pellets are good for a lot of things just not on teeth! This toothpaste helps whiten and it tastes good! It is safe and gentle and so easy to use! I am keeping with this brand!

By Kathleen R. - March 2017.


In love .. speechless actually .. my teeth have never felt cleaner this picture can prove that 5stars for sure

Black Activated Charcoal Toothpaste Before and After photo

By Ashley N. - February 2017



Not nearly as abrasive as I thought it would be (which is a huge relief). The mint flavor isn't too strong, either. A little watery (compared to traditional toothpastes) but my teeth feel really clean. No funky after taste, either. But I will warn you to be careful not to get it on your clothes. If you brush like I do (and not like the people in commercials) you'll dribble down your shirt. It stains. ? I will be buying it again. Even the kids and husband liked it.

By Jess B. - July 2016




Wish I could would have taken before and after pictures. My son recently got his braces off and wanted to get teeth whitening treatments. I had him try this first. It is really amazing. He doesn't use it to brush everyday, just several times a week. It is black while using it, but rinses clean. Really whitens. It last longer than average toothpaste because you don't need to use it every time you brush.

By Amazon Shopper - March 2017





Arrived quickly and works just as described. Very pleased with purchase. Thanks!

By Randy R. - March 2017.